Naturally Effective ingredients

The first thing everyone says when they’re introduced to SCRUBD is how great everything smells and that’s thanks to the delicious ingredients we carefully selected for each and every product. As well as making your bathroom smell great, our products also contain all-natural active extracts, botanicals, vitamins and essential oils that work towards making the skin look more youthful.  Consider these natural ingredients a super smoothie for the skin, putting in all of the hard work to leave your face primed for any occasion.



Peppermint has been used for centuries in a medicinal sense to treat a variety of ailments; now in 2017 SCRUBD is using peppermint as the perfect ingredient to stimulate the skin and leave it refreshed and ready for more.

You’ll find peppermint in our Energising range, because it really does leave the skin fresh and awake. It promotes more blood flow which leads to a perkier complexion.

Green tea extract

Green tea

So we’ve all heard about how great a cup of green tea can be to drink but did you know it’s also packed full of antioxidants for the skin? These antioxidants protect the cells in the skin and mean that any damage from free-radicals in the air is minimised. Green tea is so great for the skin because it contains EGCG compounds which work hard to give neglected skin cells a boost.

So if you’ve had too much exposure to things like sunlight or pollution, some green tea corrects the damage!

COQ10 (otherwise known as coenzyme Q)

Cleverly, your skin already knows about COQ10 as it is developed naturally in the body in order to produce energy and keep cells healthy. Used in skincare, it can help to make skin look younger and revitalised by making your body make more of the good stuff, collagen and elastin.

It naturally declines in the skin as we age, so the inclusion of it in your grooming routine kick starts your anti-ageing routine.

Marine collagen

SeaweedIn case that wasn’t enough collagen for your skincare, SCRUBD also recommends marine collagen to be used in our anti-ageing range to leave skin as cared for as possible. We use marine collagen because its low molecular weight means it’s easily absorbed by the skin.

Our Marine Collagen is sourced from American algae.



CoffeeSo much more than an extra shot in your coffee, caffeine is the extra pep in your skincare step and quite the hard-working hero when it comes to banishing dark circles. Caffeine also contains antioxidants which fight against free-radicals on the skin; meaning wrinkles and fine lines look diminished.

The temporarily skin-tightening effect means that it’s one to look for ahead of a big day (or night!) to make sure skin looks its best. If you’ve had a few too many late nights, consider skincare with caffeine an essential step in your grooming routine to wake you up.