Q&A with Mark Helvadjian, Founder of SCRUBD

We got together with Mark Helvadjian, the founder of SCRUBD, to ask him a series of questions, exploring why he started SCRUBD and his views on the male grooming scene.

What was the trigger for setting up SCRUBD?

It started with a passion for soap. I’ve always loved soap, but was unable to find an organic, all-natural bar made specifically for men. A soap with the right scents, the right size and the right ingredients. So working with artisan soap makers, I decided to create my own. Friends and family started using, and loving, the soaps and that’s when SCRUBD was born. Fast forward to today and our soaps are joined by our Naturally Effective Energising and Anti-Ageing skincare ranges.

How would you describe the brand to those who aren’t familiar?

SCRUBD is passionate about crafting effective, all-natural grooming products specifically for the unique demands of men’s skin, leaving skin feeling and looking great. Why? Because we believe that when men feel great in their skin, they can achieve anything and can leave their mark in every area of their lives. At our heart, we’re a brand which puts men front and centre.

What’s so special about SCRUBD?

The entire collection is crafted to meet the specific needs of men’s skin, made in England, and using only the finest, all-natural extracts, botanicals, vitamins and essential oils. Our ranges are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, 100% vegan and made with natural ingredients, which are kind to both the skin and the planet. We apply the same levels of detail and care to the whole customer experience, from product to packaging and design to customer service.

Do you have a favourite product?

Can I say all of them?! I love the soaps and it depends which mood I’m in as to which one I’ll use. I have them all lined up in my shower. If I need a wake-me-up, I’ll use the Oakmoss and Spearmint, which has a wonderful minty, energising scent. The sweetness and citrusy note of Lemongrass and Lime is great for when I’m looking for that all-round spring feeling. The Cedarwood and Grapefruit is particularly suited to these autumn days, with its luxuriously warm and sweet tone, and the Charcoal and Black Pepper for when I want something, well, different! It has such a wonderfully unique scent that it just grabs you. I also love the Anti-aging moisturiser and eye gel to help keep those wrinkles at bay.

Do you think the ‘male grooming scene’ is on the up?

There’s never been a greater pressure on men to scrub up and up their grooming game. I’ve spoken to so many men who are starting to turn their attention to their skin and are looking for premium, all natural grooming products which have been created with them in mind. It’s really part of a broader picture of the modern, middle-age man taking care of his overall well-being, thinking about his skin as part of an overall lifestyle choice.

How is men’s skin different than women’s skin?

Men’s skin is about 30% thicker than women’s, slightly oilier and we have larger pores. I hate to say it but men are actually more prone to wrinkles than the ladies, which is why we have created the anti-ageing range to help reduce the visible signs of ageing! So many men, and I include myself in this, have either never used a skincare product, or use skin care products designed for women, which just don’t deliver the same benefits.

Who is the SCRUBD man?

A SCRUBD man is a man who takes care of the details in every area of his life, who loves the finer things and who sees his grooming ritual as an important part of this. While he feels the pressures of modern life, he has the drive and desire to scrub up, and up his game. But ultimately, he’s a man who loves life, makes a difference in the world around him and masters his day.