Top alternative work-outs for the SCRUBD man

If you’re anything like the 95% of people who work sitting down at a desk all week, when it gets to the weekend not only do you want to work-out, but you want to do something fun at the same time. Instead of dragging yourself to the gym again, SCRUBD recommends unusual, interesting ways to exercise in the New Year for the SCRUBD man.

The Dartmoor Ten Tors Challenge

The Dartmoor ‘Ten Tors Challenge’ is known amongst mountain climbers and trekkers as one of the more scenic hikes. If you’re looking to fill your lungs with the freshest air then this is the ideal test for you, as all ten Tors must be climbed within 12 hours – this can be as hard or as easy as you like, depending on your route. Pick up a map, choose ten Tors, and either walk them in one day, or two with a night of camping in between. The official walk is in May, but it can be done at any time. If the thought of walking this in the winter makes you shiver, US Army research has recently shown that exercising above 10 degrees causes a dramatic drop off in pace, and therefore stamina, so try it in the cold for better speed.

Midnight Runners, London

Started specifically to make urban fitness more fun, inclusive and social, this ‘midnight’ running club meets weekly in the capital to roam the streets to music. Each run is led by a qualified run leader, so whether you want to run 10k or are working towards 100k, jump in to this growing phenomenon for the ride of your life. Either pay per run, or pick one of the two membership options (3 months and 1 year). They also provide trips with events and discounts on shoes, clothing and speakers included; everything you should need to get fit and enjoy yourself.

Bounce yourself fit

Trampolining is a form of exercise that can actually be better for the body than running, as the trampoline takes up to 80% of the stress off weight-baring joints. As the impact is removed when hitting the surface of the trampoline a ten minute bounce is the equivalent of a half hour run. There are a number of trampoline parks around the country, all geared up to get the blood pumping. Some offer free running lessons, late night spots or even fitness classes on Bear Grylls obstacle courses, all perfect if you’re looking for a different way to train.


If you’re the sort of man who doesn’t enjoy the confines of Health & Safety this may be the thing for you: climbing stripped down to its bare essentials, with no ropes or harnesses – It has also become somewhat of a networking tool in the City this year. Bouldering can still be dangerous though, so make sure at least the first few times you try it indoors, as there are fewer barriers for participation. Or go further afield for a more exotic experience – one for when you’ve had a bit of practice.

LesMills Immersive Fitness, cycling workout THE TRIP

Imagine finishing a long week, with clients and screens filling your days, then you climb onto a bike and speed through ‘Komora’,‘Mirai’ or any of the LesMills designed Immersive Fitness workouts. You are literally transported to another dimension. This is a sensory experience that promises to push your fitness to another level, and is well worth a try.

SCRUBD essentials for a work-out:

Obviously it’s important, after exercising, to wash your face to get rid of sweat or anything that could interfere with the skin. The Energising Face Wash is great, as it contains Aloe Vera and Silk Peptides that nourish and cleanse – and it fits easily into the gym bag.

SCRUBD’s Energising Face Moisturiser will restore lost moisture and vigour to the skin post work-out, leaving the skin feeling fresh and energised.

Lemongrass oil is a scent with high energetic level, like a high musical note, and works as a very mild stimulant on the skin. The Lemongrass & Lime Soap Block is great for post work-out, or a morning shock wave. RRP £17