How to wake up your skin with Oakmoss & Spearmint

On grey, dreary mornings it’s hard to wake up and feel ready to face the world. SCRUBD’s selection of four invigorating soap blocks are all the perfect picks to enliven the senses in the morning and ensure skin is prepped for the day.

In this month’s instalment of the SCRUBD grooming segment, we’re sharing the details on how the Oakmoss & Spearmint soap block helps to wake up your skin.

Why do you need a block of soap?

We’ve spoken about being in the midst of a soap renaissance previously, but soap is back and it’s bigger than ever. Soap blocks are quick and easy to use, with a SCRUBD soap being the perfect accompaniment to your morning grooming routine. Thanks to Oakmoss & Spearmint, skin is quickly left invigorated and ready for whatever the rest of the day may entail. Oakmoss adds a rich and earthy aroma to the scent, and it’s paired with the freshness of peppermint essentials oils & Spearmint to ensure senses are awakened. When it’s cold outside, reach for something with a minty freshness in the shower to make sure you’re wide awake and set for the day ahead.

What makes SCRUBD soap blocks different?

All of the SCRUBD soaps are all-natural and organic as well as being triple-milled; making the formula denser, creamier and richer. It also means that the soap block stays looking its best for longer as it holds its shape superbly. SCRUBD prides itself on championing British craftsmanship as well as utilising artisanal soap-making methods, which have been used for over 300 years.

The benefits of Oakmoss & Spearmint

Peppermint essential oil has numerous health benefits, in addition to it smelling robustly refreshing. It has a natural cooling sensation which can help to relieve sore muscles post-workout, making it a gym-bag must. When used in the morning, it acts as a natural energiser which helps you to sharpen up and focus. The Oakmoss & Spearmint soap is set to become your new morning wakeup call essential.