How to refresh with the Energising Face Scrub

Throughout the ski season, and during the time where winter sun draws a lot of us away from the grey UK, it’s important to remember that our skin reacts to changes in climate and surroundings. SCRUBD’s Energising Face Scrub is the perfect counter to this and will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and blemish free.

Why do men need face scrub?

As we age our skin takes longer to rebuild and normalise to different conditions. In the winter and on holidays especially, dead skin cells can take longer to leave the skin and cause flaking, blocked pores and sometimes skin concerns such as acne. Using a Face Scrub will make the skin’s renewal time quicker, and remove the dead cells from the top layer of skin. Thanks to the invigorating peppermint and bergamot Energising Face Scrub (Travel or Large sizes) you can always have smooth skin that is ready for anything. A Face Scrub is particularly good for ingrown hairs, or newly shaven beards, as the hair gets used to growing through the top surface of facial skin again. Whether it’s cold or hot outside, reach for something zingy with deep-cleansing natural extracts in the shower to make sure both you and your skin are on top form throughout the day.

What makes SCRUBD Energising Face Scrub different?

The SCRUBD Energising Face Scrub is 100% natural and is enriched with essential oils and vitamins A, C and E, all of which are powerful antioxidants creating a protective shield against environmental aggressors. The Scrub works using volcanic rock, a powerful natural exfoliant which scrubs away dead skin cells and impurities without containing chemicals. Lime and blackcurrant seed stimulates and energises the skin helping to restore a smoother completion. The Scrub is also suitable for all skin types, and goes well with the Energising Face Moisturiser for a full-face treat.

The benefits of the Energising range

The Energising range is all natural, with gentle ingredients that have been combined specifically for men’s skin. Within the range, SCRUBD offer naturally effective Face Wash, Face Scrub and Moisturiser; this combination should be everything men’s skin needs to look its best from day to day.