Top Five Pens for 2018

Here at SCRUBD, we are passionate about celebrating traditional skills and craftsmanship and so this month are taking note of a true symbol of exquisite craftsmanship…the pen. We visited the Great Writing Room at Harrods to find out more about the exceptional techniques and fine materials that are involved and caught up with writing connoisseur Jerry Dispinseri, who shares his top 5 luxury pen picks.

1. Montblanc Great Characters, The Beatles Special Edition Fountain Pen. Available at The Great Writing Room in Harrods.

Pay tribute to British rock legends this year with The Great Characters: The Beatles Special Edition Rollerball featuring a colourful pinstripe design on the lacquered cap and barrel reminiscent of the costumes worn by the band. Taking inspiration from the button of the mixing table at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, the cap top pays homage to the studio’s famous microphone and the clip represents the signature moustaches of the band members. This beautifully crafted writing instrument is also available in a rollerball pen and ballpoint nib. There is also a limited edition 1969 Rollerball Pen in white dedicated to the year of the acclaimed Abbey Road album. Take note, The Beatles are back.


2. Montegrappa Ducale Murano Ballpoint Pen.

The Ducale Murano is inspired by the glassmaking tradition in Venice and the accents of blue throughout the piece is indicative of the antique art form of glass in the Italian region. The collection consists of a fountain pen, a ballpoint and a rollerball, all of which boast palladium trim and steel nib. The Ducale brand is celebrating almost a century of glory and this collection comes in three mesmerising colours; Viola and Sabia. The ballpoint pen in Mare gets my vote for its aesthetically smart style and seamless writing experience so if you’re looking for a pen to use for everyday business then this is your go-to.

https://www.montegrappa.co.uk/products/ducale-ballpoint-pen n

3. Caran d’Ache Rollerball Superman Justice League Limited Edition

Calling all die hard DC fans! This Superman special is enough to make SCRUBD men swoon and has the superhero effect which is infectious. This cool and elegant item is inspired by Superman’s costume and features a combination of different lacquer finishes, engravings and colours of lacquer. It is a collector’s piece but is also suitable to take to meetings as it makes an interesting talking point. The pen cap is particularly impressive as it mirrors superman’s torso and the body of the pen his legs engraved and coated in dense blue satin-finish lacquer. The extremity of the pen body is red embossed to replicate Superman’s boots bringing this super hero super pen to life… This cult pen is fun, full of character and is bound to ignite super powers in every SCRUBD man.


4. S.T. Dupont Vitruvian Man Ballpoint

Writers are drawn in by the exemplary Leonardo da Vinci illustration where art meets craftsmanship on this iconic Line D design. This magnificent pen is engraved in Palladium with natural lacquer and has been engineered to set your words free in true classical Dupont style. Renowned for its Maison’s D logo and master engraving combined with age-old lacquering technique, this lightweight, stylish and should be the staple office pen for every SCRUBD man to master his paperwork. Rest assured you can feel confident in signing on the dotted line.


5. Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2018; Imperium Romanum black edition, Technical data fountain pen


This stunning work of art symbolises the great city of Rome and is a powerful writing force both in style and functionality. If you’re searching for a classic look and contemporary feel, then this pen is perfection personified for the SCRUBD man. The materials and design reflect aspects of the Roman Empire and the circumference and sturdiness of the pen instil an authority and commanding tone in the user. This is a statement piece that has been handcrafted to the highest level and is rich in Italian history. Each individual pen possesses an anthracite-grey titanium PVD coating that gives an ever-changing appearance in use. The fountain pen is fitted with a ruthenium-plated 18-carat gold nib, already run in by hand, which matches the very masculine appearance of the barrel. The cap of the Black Edition is also adorned by an engraving of the Colosseum and a miniature Roman penny (denarius).



All Pens available at The Great Writing Room in Harrods