5 inventive ways to get the children outside this Spring

We all enjoy the prospect of Spring in the air, mornings getting lighter and Easter approaching. This March master your children’s school holiday with SCRUBD’s inventive ways to get children outside, listed to help you pluck ideas out of the ether when you need a moment of calm.

Den Making

No memories can surpass those of childhood den making, no matter where or when you grew up. Whether it’s with sheets and pillows around the sofa, or twigs and tents in the garden it is really important for childrens’ development to play and imagine. There are now even kits to help you, if you have limited space in your garden or indoors.

Learning About Plants

Easter is a perfect time to teach your children about plants and flowers, as there are a variety of recognisable blooms coming into play. The bright colours of Daffodils are great for children to spot from far away and race to, or other plants like Crocuses or Tulips are brilliant as well. Give your child/children a list of plants to gather, then give them a time limit to find them all, it’s a great way to keep them occupied in the garden over the Easter break.

Mini Moss Gardens

Spring time outdoors is full of moss, twigs and vivid colours, so it’s a great time to let your children loose on the garden and get them to curate their own. Moss gardens are traditionally made in bowls, on plates, dishes etc, then brought inside to decorate the house. Kids love placing figurines or toys in there, so finding plastic animals or furniture is a good addition.

Relay or Egg and Spoon Races

Relay or Egg and Spoon races are an integral part of Easter fun for children – and painting the eggs before an Egg and Spoon Race is a bonus form of retro entertainment. Relay races outdoors that involving putting on hats, gloves and coats, completing a challenge, then passing them on to the next participant are a great way to get kids burning energy in the fresh air. Another great challenge is walking on tin can stilts around a course.

Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Finally the event everybody has been waiting for: The Easter Egg Hunt. This can be done in and outdoors, but the more inventive you get with this the better. Eggs can be hidden up trees, in shoes and around corners. Add clues or puzzles for another dimension to your hunt.