Top five cars for Spring drives

Most of us are wishing for Spring to spread its charm and with the current snowfall across the UK, we’re fantasising about tempting road trips to take during lighter and longer days. Whether it’s a city, coastal or countryside route to soak up nature’s scenery, there’s nothing like firing up a car engine to fulfil our desire to travel.

We want every SCRUBD man to master his car journey with true style and panache which is why we called on car specialist Glenn Monteith at Bristol Cars to find out his top 5 vehicles for Springtime Drives. Believe us when we say his choices get our vote in the world of motoring.

1. Bristol BULLET

Bristol Cars have always stood for British innovation and elegance and this model is a quintessential masterpiece of modern automotive perfection. I struggle to imagine a greater choice than the Bristol BULLET to indulge in some wild and raw Springtime driving pleasure. This is the latest addition to the Bristol collection and the name is certainly as fast as the name suggests. To be deeply engrossed in such hand-built opulence whilst trying desperately to manage the V8 3 second powerplant hidden underneath is an experience second to none, hence the firm placement here at number one.


2. Land Rover Series One

Perhaps a strange choice for number two on my list but picture yourself on an early Spring morning, roof folded down, tearing up your neighbour’s field (and deny all knowledge) in the vehicle that started it all – the SUV phenomenon and original off-road workhorse that is The Land Rover Series One…Seriously what could be more ‘hands on’ fun than this! Designed for functional mountain terrains and used extensively by The British Army from post WW2 to the present day, this model boasts multi ratios in the gearbox, a flexible chassis and has the primary DNA that every modern car of its kind possesses such as; Discovery Sport, Vogue and Evoque 4×4 luxury vehicles. The Series One has evolved over many years of continuous production and shows how a simple tool can be transformed into the SUV that every well-heeled city dweller wants to drive.


3. Porsche 911 TARGA

No driving experience would be complete without a Porsche, and for myself it must be an early 911 Targa. The sound of the flat six air cooled motor screaming from behind, forcing the all too common tail end driving, put together with the electric Targa roof is unbeatable. This high-performance supercar is rapid and oozes sophistication especially for hillside driving…go find hills, lots of hills where it packs a punch – let’s face it, there’s nothing better to warm up a brisk Spring morning. With this iconic classic car originally conceived to appeal to the American market, drivers get a fusion of modern real world drivability combined with Porsche 1970’s heritage…the best of both worlds.


4. Ford Escort Mk 1 Mexico

Something for the weekend? This has to be it, straight out of the Ford Advanced Vehicle Centre and on the rally podium, a true beast and a pure object of desire for many, myself included. This was the first picture up on my bedroom wall and many years on, I would happily lie to the Mrs for a spring weekend away with this one. First introduced in the late 1960’s with a limited number produced for its time, this dragon slayer is everyman’s hero car and sports superb driving dynamics, balance and poise. This lightweight and powerful, stripped down racing machine was built for one purpose only…to champion car rallies.


5. Caterham 7


A direct descendant from the original Lotus Seven, this track toy is exposed to the elements providing a real hair in the wind experience for the driver and passenger. This back to basics power motor is a bit of an animal boasting ridiculous performance for the price of a budget family car. What’s even better is if you have to build it yourself, this car will literally drive you insane, a few hours of big boy fun in this will see you get out shaking like a leaf. I say, turn around and get straight back in again, only advice would be is to avoid the wet and stay on the dry.



Curated in collaboration with Glenn Monteith at Bristol Cars Limited,
368-370 Kensington High Street London W14 8NL