Keep Your Shave Close and Calm with SCRUBD’s NEW Energising Shave Cream

Vintage style grooming products are all well and good, but SCRUBD’s newly released Energising Shave Cream blows competition out of the water. This April SCRUBD explain why their Shave Cream is the best in the market for men and provides the perfect shave for your skin.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase our Shave Cream before April 30th 2018, we will send you a complimentary sample size Face Moisturiser from our Energising or Anti-Ageing Ranges!

Why SCRUBD’s new Energising Shave Cream is the best for your face

Whether or not shaving is an everyday task, SCRUBD’s new Energising Shave Cream (RRP £19) provides you with a new and naturally effective formula to master your shave in the morning. With the ideal combination of powerful and innovative ingredients this cream will calm the skin, invigorate and leave your face smelling great, allowing for the cleanest and smoothest shave.

What makes SCRUBD Energising Shave Cream so effective?

The new SCRUBD Energising Shave Cream is 100% natural and relies on powerful ingredients to work hard on your skin while it is vulnerable near the razor. SCRUBD have specifically created their all their products for men’s skin, thoroughly testing all ingredients and formulations to provide the best possible range; products you can trust. Unlike a gel or a foam, the Energising Shave Cream glides onto your skin in an even spread; super-salves Shea Butter and Olive Oil work in tandem to moisturise, leaving skin feeling soft, as Shea Butter also naturally reduces inflammation. These ingredients allow for an effortless shave over the contours of your chin, neck and cheeks. Large amounts of Vitamins A, C and E protect against environmental aggressors, and help to maintain faultless levels of freshness in the skin for perfect post-shave results.

Other reasons to buy:

Uses nourishing Essential Oils, Natural ingredients, Hydrating, Simple.

The benefits of the Energising range

The Energising range is all natural, with gentle ingredients that have been combined specifically for men’s skin. Within the range, SCRUBD offer naturally effective Face Wash, Face Scrub and Moisturiser; this combination should be everything men’s skin needs to look its best from day to day.