Summer fun – our top pool inflatable selection

Not just for the children, your social media holiday post is simply incomplete without one of this summer’s swimming pool essentials – the pool inflatable. We’ve had a scour of some of the best available online, in time to ensure your suitcase is properly packed for your long-awaited holidays. Blow it up (may we recommend a pump), take a cold beer out of the fridge, sit back with your favourite author and enjoy an afternoon being bombed by your children…

1. Pizza Float Raft £224.45

There are a number of pizza floats out there, but for those of you with access to a larger pool who would like to share your space with your friends, then this is the one. It comes with connectors to bring your pizza slices together, and of course drinks holders.

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2. Giant Inflatable Pool Float Lounger £150.76

Unparalleled comfort and able to support up to 100kg, this is the Aston Martin (well maybe) of pool floats. It comes with a great back rest, two drinks holders and wait for it – its very own ice bucket. Just make sure you apply your cream before getting on board as once there, we’re not sure that you will want to move.

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3. Pool party ready – Beer Pong Table £52.27

Another great option with a built-in drinks cooler, this beer pong float will hold up to 28 cups and claims to be party proof too, as it is made with thick plastic. One for the stag do perhaps.

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4. One to share – Instagram ready flamingo £22.30

Although we think the flamingo is a bit last year, its long neck still pops up at most holiday destinations and this double seater is a great excuse to float away from it all with your partner. ‘Chill in style’ claims the manufacturer…

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5. And if you are staying at home – how about your own mini-pool £21.99

Our summers are getting hotter and this year is no exception. If you are not planning a get away this year then this is a must have for those of you with a bit of space. Fill, sit back and relax. Certainly one to keep the kids entertained this summer.

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