Ditch the plastic and say goodbye to your shower gel

Here at SCRUBD HQ we’re keen to reduce as much plastic from our daily lives as possible. When GQ discovered our soap blocks, they said ‘Shower gel has met it’s match’ – we agree!

Why our Organic Triple-Milled Soap Blocks are best for your skin

There’s nothing like the feel of a luxurious bar of soap against your skin, and absolutely nothing like a SCRUBD bar.

All our soaps are triple-milled; a traditional, artisanal soap-making method that has been used for over 300 years. Milled three times for a dense, longer-lasting form, triple-milled soaps hold their shape and deliver a richer, creamier lather, while the active ingredients are more consistently distributed across the bar. Plus, they are 100% Natural and Organic – so no nasty sythentic chemicals and fragrances which can tighten and damage skin.

Our Lemongrass & Lime soap is enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, and has a wonderful all-natural scent of energising and zesty Lemongrass essential oils, together with the sweetness and freshness of Lime essential oils.

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