Five safety products for your cycle commute

Approximately 5% of the UK population cycles between two and five times a week, with cycling to work the most common amongst 30-34 years olds. For those of us who do cycle to work, it is sensible to review your safety gear options on a regular basis. Ensuring that you have invested in good lighting and sensible clothing can be the difference between getting to your destination without injury or not, especially as the nights draw in and back to school traffic increases on our roads.

We have looked at five products which can help get you to your destination safely, in order to get on with mastering your day.

1. Lumos Helmet – £149.00

Lumos is the first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, iOS app, and helmet into a single cohesive whole. Featuring super-bright LEDs in the front and back of the helmet, Lumos elevates your lights, making them naturally higher and easier to see, ensuring greater visibility on the road.

Buy from Lumos direct.

2. Knog Oi Bell – £15

Being seen is one thing, but please ensure that you are heard too. With its slick design, we think that Knog’s take is a huge improvement on the traditional model. The Aussie founders claim that it rings like an “angel playing a glockenspiel” – what is there to dislike about that?

Buy from Amazon.

3. Hi Gear First Aid Kit 2 – £8.99

If you do fall off, then a First Aid Kit is a sensible piece of kit to have handy. Hi Gear have clearly spent a lot of time on packaging design and layout – the breadth of items in this kit is incredible. You get standard dressings, whistle, scissors, safety pints, finger dressings, insect repellent and a sachet of burn gel. All contents are in sealed packets and for the price, it is great value for money.

Buy from GO Outdoors.

4. Cateye Volt 800 Front Light – £68.65

The Cateye Volt 800 is a front light and at impresses with its robustness and solid feel the first time you pick it up. However what you’ll also notice is the 134g weight which is a little heavy. For the price though, we agree with most of the reviews out there in that it is a good quality front light with a high level of output.

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5. Lezyne Laser Drive rear light – £56.95

At over £50, this is quite a pricey option – but it’s got a unique party trick. The 250 lumen rear bike light also incorporates laser beams which can be displayed either side of the cyclist. This is designed to reduce the number of close passes cyclists experience. The mount is compatible with both round and aero seat posts, too.

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