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Your Guide to Oily Skin: What Causes It and How to Treat It

Your Guide to Oily Skin: What Causes It and How to Treat It | SCRUBD

If you have oily skin, you know how much of a pain it can be.

Your face is frequently shiny leading to those pesky spots that won't go away! But why do we even get oily skin in the first place and how what can we treat it?

This blog post is here to help! We will answer all your questions as well as provide tips on how you can treat your skin problems once and for all.

It's all down to your sebaceous glands.

Sebaceous glands live underneath the skin and moisturise your hair and skin by producing an oily, waxy substance to prevent them becoming dehydrated.

However, when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil the result is oily skin! This causes an imbalance in the oils that our body naturally produces and can cause a lot of issues.

Your sebaceous glands are the cause of acne.

The most common issue with oily skin is clogged pores! These can lead to acne as debris and dead skin cells clog the opening of your pore. Pores that are close to the surface of the skin swell outward and create blackheads and whiteheads.

Don't be harsh on your skin! Your complexion is delicate, so take care of it.

It can be tempting to remove all the moisture on your skin when you have an oily complexion but actually using harsh stripping agents will only leave your skin more sensitive and even dehydrated!

Still worse, your skin will overcompensate and create even more sebum to remedy your dry skin.

That's why it's important to use skincare products with a high-quality formula.

We recommend washing your face twice a day using SCRUBD's Energising Face Wash which both cleanses the skin of impurities and surface oils whilst leaving your skin hydrated and vibrant.

Energising Face Wash

Scrub your skin to remove dead cells and reveal a newer, brighter you.

As we now know, oily skin can be a one way ticket to a build up of dead skin cells, creating a dull complexion and some frustrating spots!

That's why exfoliating is crucial to managing oily skin. Not only does it prevent breakouts and manage your skin's moisture levels but it also keeps your skin supple and smooth.

Complete your skin regime with our Energising Face Scrub to achieve transformed skin! Its blackcurrant seeds and lime extract encourage a healthier and balanced complexion.

face scrub

Use a lightweight moisturiser - your skin will thank you for it!

Choosing the right moisturiser is also very important. We recommend using a lightweight oil-free cream to hydrate your skin without creating an oily sheen!

Other ingredients to avoid are those with high oleic acid such as coconut oil, or hazelnut oil as these remain on top of the skin making it more oily. Fragrances and alcohols in your skincare routine are also a big no no!

At SCRUBD, we have a moisturiser specially designed for combating greasy skin. Our Oil Control Face Moisturiser uses Vitamins A,C and E as well as bergamot to help restore a healthy-looking complexion and keep oil under control all day long.

oil control moisturiser

Shake up your diet by adding in some healthy food additions. 

Is there anything beyond skincare that you can do to manage oily skin? Yes, in fact, there's many foods you can put in your diet that will benefit your skin.

Take for instance broccoli. This vegetable is rich in the antioxidants, Vitamins A and C, both of which help to mange your skin's moisture levels. Coconut water, avocados and nuts are also beneficial additions to your diet as they balance and maintain the oil levels in your skin.

Get out the chamomile tea - it's time to destress!

That's right. Your stress levels contribute to greasy skin because it causes the body's stress hormone (cortisol) to rise which in turn promote an increase in sebum.

Taking even a short amount of time to exercise or stop and breathe can make all the difference. Cutting down on caffeine or calming yourself with a candle or some essential oils are great mechanisms to implement into your lifestyle too.

Oily Skin? No problem. We've got you covered.

If you’ve been struggling with oily skin for a long time, we hope that after reading this blog you feel more informed on how to manage it.

Most men have oily skin as their skin type so don't worry you're not alone! No matter which of these methods work best for you, we want you to know that there are many ways to achieve healthy looking skin.

Give them a try and say goodbye to oily skin!

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