Our story

When our founder Mark was unable to find a premium, all-natural bar of soap for men, he decided to create his own.

Working with artisan soap makers, he crafted our first batch, Batch Number ONE, of hand-made soaps, designed specifically for men. Friends and family started using – and loving – the soaps, and very quickly we ran out of our first batch. We created more, and with each batch we continued to refine our formula.


SCRUBD’s Batch Number ONE, in our original packaging.

Fast forward to today, and SCRUBD’s much-loved soap range has developed into our hand-crafted all-natural, organic triple-milled soap block, and is joined by our naturally effective Energising and Anti-Ageing skincare ranges.

SCRUBD’s mission is simple, to help men feel great in their skin. When men feel great in their skin they can master anything, leaving a unique mark in every area of their lives.


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