Made In England

SCRUBD | Made in England

SCRUBD is proud to be an English based skincare and bodycare brand for men.

We're committed to maintaining our high standards, which means all of SCRUBD's 5-Star rated Organic Triple Milled Soap Blocks, as well as our award-winning skincare ranges, are made right here at home!

We wanted to champion the expertise and innovation found within this industry forgoing typical paths taken by other beauty brands which outsource production and manufacturing overseas.

England is home to some of the world’s leading skincare scientists and experts in unlocking the power of all-natural ingredients.

The SCRUBD team partnered up with these experts knowing that we could deliver effective products without sacrificing skin enhancing benefits traditionally found only in synthetic based formulas.

We are proud to offer you the best of both worlds, all-natural ingredients with powerful skincare benefits.

GQ Anti-ageing Face Serum


SCRUBD's Face Serum was awarded GQs best Anti-Ageing innovation for a reason.

SCRUBD's Anti-Ageing Face Serum was awarded GQs best anti-ageing innovation, beating established beauty brands who utilise synthetic formulations and manufacture outside of England.

Organic, premium, authentic English soap.

Since England has such a rich history of artisan soap making, we knew that to deliver an all-natural bar with superior cleansing power and moisturising qualities we didn't need to look further than our own shores.

Our soap manufacturing is based in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex in a state of the art facility where to this day, a 300-year-old soap making process is carried out by passionate and soap-loving artisans. 

Find out more about our Organic Triple-Milled Soap Blocks and how we produce soap.

Organic Triple Milled Soap