Our Story


What do you do when you’re unable to find a premium all-natural bar of soap crafted specifically for men?

Create your own of course and that’s exactly what our founder, Mark did. Where many ideas start in the shower, this was no different, literally!

While Mark was using his bar of soap made for men, he realised that despite having a nice smell, it was packed with nasty chemicals, leaving his skin feeling dry and tight.

Plus the concern as to what these chemicals did once they got into waterways led him to the conclusion that an all-natural bar of soap, with a superior smell, size and look of course, was the only way to go.

The journey begins.

After spending time looking for such a soap, he was surprised that he couldn't find one that matched all his requirements. The all-natural soaps he found were small, unattractive and had fragrances which didn't suit the luxurious and complex blends he enjoyed. The solution? Create his own.

Working with artisan soap makers and spending time blending his own essential oils, he created SCRUBD's first ever batch of soaps.

Gifting them to friends and family, the response was overwhelming and he soon had to create more.

SCRUBD's first batch of soaps
SCRUBD's first batch of soaps

The birth of SCRUBD

As Mark dug deeper into the world of male grooming, it seemed that skincare had the same problem as soap.

Skincare products designed for men were full of synthetics and all-natural skincare were either ineffective or not engineered for the specific demands of men’s skin.

He decided to add a premium, all-natural skincare range to his soaps, and SCRUBD was born. Fast forward to today and SCRUBD now creates 5-star rated Organic Triple Milled Soap Blocks and Award-winning Skincare Ranges.

Mark achieved his dream of making men's grooming products that are crafted specifically for the demands of men’s skin, made from 100% natural ingredients and are lovingly made right here in England.