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The Worst 7 Grooming & Skincare Mistakes Men Make

The Worst 7 Grooming & Skincare Mistakes Men Make | SCRUBD

The grooming and skincare mistakes men make can be huge! 

From grooming too often to not grooming at all, there is a lot of room for improvement.

And it's not just about appearance; both grooming and skincare affect your health and wellbeing.

In this short and easy blog post, we will discuss the worst 7 grooming & skincare mistakes men make!

1: Not taking care of your skin!

You're living a healthy lifestyle the right way, but what about your skin?

You might be taking care of yourself by eating well and exercising regularly. But are you keeping up with a self-care routine for a healthy complexion?

You have to make sure that you are taking care of your face!

Here at SCRUBD, we believe that grooming and skincare should not be complicated, so we make it easy for men to take care of themselves with easy and practical solutions.

2: Not using a Face Wash daily.

A big skincare mistake for men is not using a face wash. Men have more testosterone than women, which means our pores are bigger and they produce oil more quickly.

This can lead to an accumulation of dirt, bacteria, sweat and other impurities on the skin that can cause breakouts or acne.

Cleaning your face with a Face Wash every day removes these substances from the surface of your skin before they get trapped in those pores!

SCRUBD's Face Wash cleanses, energises and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

It's the perfect way to start your day.

3: Not moisturising

The sun isn't the only thing that can harm your skin. Pollutants and contaminants in the environment also cause havoc on our skin.

A face moisturiser can protect your skin from those harmful pollutants.

If you don't moisturise, you'll age faster, look older, and get wrinkles.

When you are sleeping at night, your body is repairing the skin, which is why you should moisturize your face before going to bed.

SCRUBD's Anti-Ageing Face Moisturiser contains Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant vitamin that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping give skin a healthier glow.

4: Picking at your skin

Stop picking at your face with unclean hands. Also, stop picking at your face with your hands in general.

Picking your skin causes scars and transmits undesirable pollutants to the top layer of your skin, causing damage and deterioration.

5: Skipping sunscreen.

Sun protection isn't always given the attention it deserves. This is especially true for males.

It's a skincare essential that helps protect our skin from harmful UV rays and premature ageing, but have you ever stopped to think about how important it is for men?

The best way to protect yourself is by wearing sunscreen every day or whenever you're outside for an extended period of time- no excuses!

6: Having a bad diet.

To be honest, it all starts with a poor diet, and what you put on your skin will reflect that.

Eating processed, high-sodium, and saturated fat-rich meals will make your skin greasy and result in more breakouts.

Water is also important since dehydration can cause your skin to lose its suppleness and develop more wrinkles.

You should eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water since you now know, in the end, you are what you consume.

7: Not having your own skincare routine

Skincare is not just for ladies, gents.

Men's skin needs care too! And it's up to you to take care of your skin so that wrinkles and age spots don't become an inevitable part of your future.

The key is knowing what products are right for you, and SCRUBD makes it easy for men to take care of themselves with simple and practical solutions.

It's not just about wrinkles and fine lines. A healthy complexion can make a big difference to how you feel about yourself.


Transform your skin in 30 days or less.

It’s time to stop making grooming mistakes and start taking care of your skin. The good news is, you don’t have to be a skincare expert or spend hours at the drugstore looking for products that work. With a little help, you can start your own skincare routine today.

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